Dec 09

Johnny Pirate: An Unexpected Encounter

So last night, I was laying in my bed at the hostel I am staying at here in charlotte. I was woken up by this sexy little thing wrapping her arms around me. For days the sexual tension was building with her. She would brush up against me in the hallway and make sexual references in jest. When she noticed I was awake, she started grinding against my ass! I was like wait what?! This girl is dtf and literally wants my ASS! I felt her hot pussy against my greedy little ass hole. I kept thinking, there is no way this is about to go down. One thing leads to another and before I know it she is fucking ME in the ass with my toys! It felt so fucking good I almost nutted from that alone. Omg im getting hard just thinking about it lol Hopefully I can convince her to come play with me online. I love girls that like guys that like guys. 🙂

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Dec 06

Damiann Fox: Today Was a Great Day of Exercise! --- Today Was a Great Day of Exercise!

fue grande ver salir el sol!! fue hermoso saber que tenia la ganas, las fuerzas y la vida para reunir la mejor version de mi! entonces fui lijero y estuve en el gym ! hice todo lo que mi cuerpo necesita para sentirme mejor ! tuve un buen desayuno e hice cada cosa en su lugar para tener orden en mi cabeza ° luego sigo mi rutina y regreso a mi sala para verme con ustedes, cosa que siempre me encanta y quiero decir que todo este esfuerzo es para verme cada vez mas unido a todos ustedes y darles la mejor energia y entretenimiento posible !se han convertido en grandes compositores de mi fox! ahora solo quiero ser un zorro a gradecido y hacer todo maravilloso para ambas partes ! gracias por tus contribuciones y seguimiento desde entonces ! exitos para ti tambien en tus proyectos !It was great to see the sun coming out! It was beautiful to know that I had the desire, the forces and the life to gather the best version of me! Then I was a lightweight and I was in the gym! I did everything my body needs to feel better! I had a good breakfast and did every thing in its place to have order in my head ° then I follow my routine and return to my room to see me with you, which I always love and I mean that all this effort is to see me more and more attached to all of you and give them the Best energy and entertainment possible! They have become great composers of my fox! Now I just want to be a fox to Gradecido and make everything wonderful for both parties! Thank you for your contributions and follow up since then! Success for you also in your projects!Damian Fox

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Dec 05

Lane M: Before an Unrushed Edging Session! Love It!

Missing yesterday was very disappointing to me. Finding words with the right value to describe what it gives me to be The Lane Traveled to bring whatever it is for everyone is a real struggle. I am going into my 16th cam time hour. I am nervous and gitty and i like it! I am in no rush and I love it! ………. Just thought I would share

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